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Helio lights the way to financial freedom for your business by partnering with you to turn your insurance expenses into economic assets through the power of creatively built and expertly maintained insurance programs. With Helio, you can mitigate risk, retain command over premium costs and claims, ensure stability, and create opportunities for your business’s financial growth through investment. Whether you utilize captive or commercial insurance structures, or a combination, Helio allows your core business to shine while we manage the structure and process of financing and mitigating your risk.

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Bespoke captive insurance that you own

You know your business. Helio knows risk financing and enterprise risk management solutions.Together we can build a risk and insurance structure that turns risk expense into a manageable asset for you and your company. We offer best practices in safety and risk management, expertise in financing through insurance and reinsurance programs, and solid operational processes for investing reserves and surplus to most efficiently reap the benefits of commercial and captive insurance programs.

Captive Insurance Formation
Our captive service team possesses the experience and capabilities to immediately undertake the process of forming a new captive for our clients.
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Captive Insurance Management
Our highly skilled consultants work with a broad array of analytical tools and techniques to assist our clients in choosing the best risk financing approach to meet their particular goals and objectives.
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Get to know your trusted advisors

Helio is a highly experienced team of trustworthy fiduciaries for your business.  A relationship with Helio allows you to mitigate risk, retain control over insurance premium costs and claims, and create opportunities for financial growth through investment.

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