Commercial Insurance & Reinsurance

A key differentiator is Helio’s dedicated team of experienced insurance professionals

Their familiarity with program structures, insurance markets, technical insurance matters, and client insurance needs is key in optimizing and/or expanding your insurance programs and will also lead to efficiencies for your business.

Our insurance professionals possess the knowledge and experience in reviewing and drafting policy documentation, communicating complex insurance arrangements to regulators and auditors, identifying possibilities for elevated captive utilization, and are readily accessible to provide guidance and answer any insurance-related questions or concerns for client representatives and their consultants.

In addition to possessing specialized knowledge in alternative risk financing and risk consulting, our insurance professionals have a comprehensive understanding of the conventional insurance landscape. This enables them to aid clients in locating appropriate insurance options in the commercial marketplace through our independent insurance agency.



Helio Insurance is an independent insurance agency that helps clients find business insurance, personal insurance, and employee benefits through insurance carriers in the traditional insurance marketplace. Independent insurance agencies have relationships with many carriers. Allowing agents to "shop" your policies to help pair the best fit for you or your organization to your insurance policy.


Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance, put simply, is insurance for your business. However, that's the end of its simplicity. Not all carriers, coverage, or policies are the same. Buying insurance is often complicated; businesses decide only on premiums and later find they are unintentionally exposed in unforeseen areas. Helio is here to help inform your insurance buying decisions and support you as you design and select your insurance program.


Personal Insurance

Personal insurance includes many different policy options. We work with you to find insurance solutions that aim to indemnify you and your loved ones in the event of a loss or suit. You’ve worked hard to build a successful life – we’re eager to provide guidance and options to customize your insurance choices and offerings.


Employee Benefits

Employees are generally the single most significant expense and asset of an organization. Added to that expense are health, life, accident, disability, and so on. It's no wonder companies are looking for intelligent solutions to help retain and reward employees. At Helio, we know that insurance is not one-size-fits-all, and we understand that each employer's needs are different. We strive to bring practical solutions that meet the organization's and employees' needs.

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